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Privacy Policy

 This privacy policy applies to processing personal data through the website of, SKL Group, reg.No.40203247972, address: Brivibas gatve 356 - 39, Riga, Latvia.

SKL Group, including registering and/or making e-orders therein, entering into a contract with SKL Group for the provision of services.


The Policy contains general, additional, and/or specific terms and conditions and privacy notices may also be included in contracts, documents, forms, and on SKL Group website The Policy forms an integral part of the general terms and conditions of these services. When entering into a contract with a natural person (customer), offering a service, or goods to the customer, Sungostore refers to the Policy and offers the customer the opportunity to read the Policy. The Policy is part of the Contract and Sungostore has the right to assume that the Customer is aware of it and familiar with it.


1. Purpose


The purpose of the Policy is to provide individuals with information about the processing of personal data, the basis, and purpose of processing, the duration of the processing, categories of recipients, the protection of personal data, and the rights of data subjects to access their data. By using Sungostore’s services, including the website SKL Group, you acknowledge that you are providing personal data for the purposes set out in the Policy.


2. Controller and contact details


The controller of the processing of personal data is SKL Group, reg. no.

Contact details are available here:


3. Contact for personal data processing


If you have any questions regarding the processing of your data, you can contact or :, 


4. Definitions


Customer means any natural person who

using SKL Group services;

uses the Sungostore website;

has provided personal data and has expressed a wish to enter into a contract for the receipt of service and/or the purchase of a product;

provided personal data and entered into a contract with SKL Group.

Personal data means any data of an SKL Group customer that allows one to identify, distinguish, associate, or recall it, directly or indirectly. Processing of Customer Personal Data means any operation that is performed on Customer Personal Data.


Anonymous Personal Data is information that cannot be linked to a specific Customer because the Customer's identifying information has been separated from the relevant data.


5. Categories of personal data


The categories of Personal Data that SKL Group collects and processes are, but are not limited to:


Identification Data, such as name, surname, personal identification number, date of birth, credit card account number, date, amount, and purpose of payment;

contact details, such as an address, telephone number, and e-mail address;

details of related parties, e.g. Customer's representative or contact person, details of the payer (if the payer is not the Customer);

data obtained and/or generated in the performance of obligations under laws and regulations, such as data resulting from requests for information received from tax authorities;

communication data collected when the Customer contacts by telephone, electronic, news, and other means of communication such as social media, data obtained when the Customer visits the SKL Group website or communicates through other SKL Group channels such as social networks;

service-related data, such as performance or non-performance of contracts, transactions made, contracts entered into and expired, applications, requests and complaints made, and service fees.


6. Data collection


SKL Group obtains personal data from:

Customers themselves;

Customer representatives/contact persons;

SKL Group business partners (Customers' creditors, postal/courier service providers);

from third parties related to the Customer (e.g. relatives, spouse, partner of the Customer);

credit institutions to administer payments and/or identify the Data Subject;

law enforcement authorities, insolvency administrators, bailiffs, etc;

publications of the official publisher of the Republic of Latvia (VSIA "Latvijas Vēstnesis").


7. Purpose of the processing of personal data


SKL Group processes the Client's personal data for the purposes set out below:

receiving and processing order applications and providing SKL Group services (including the sale of goods and the provision of related services);

preparation, processing, and execution of contracts/agreements, etc. (establishment, modification, or termination of legal relations);

Customer identification;

communication with the Customer, including informing the Customer of any changes to SKL Group, SKL Group  services, and/or information arising from the contractual relationship;

ensuring and improving the provision of the Services, ensuring the quality of the Service;

conducting market research, and statistics;

offering services to customers (marketing activities), organizing promotions and/or competitions;

development of new services;

Promotion of SKL Group /Cooperation Partner services/products by telephone, including SMS, email, post, websites, and mobile services, including tailoring the offer sent to the Customer's interests;

billing administration;

organization of record keeping;

Receiving and processing applications/applications/claims, etc., including providing answers;

ensuring cooperation with business partners, including the transmission/receipt of information necessary for cooperation and the provision of services;

Business auditing, planning, accounting, and analysis;

Preparation and presentation of business reports and accounts;

Compliance with requests from public authorities, including law enforcement authorities, in accordance with the procedures laid down by law;

protection of violated or contested rights or interests protected by law, including the exercise of the right to claim, preservation of evidence in the event of a dispute with the Data Subject;

identification and prevention of unlawful activities and reporting to the relevant authorities;

compliance with obligations under laws and regulations (e.g. laws and regulations governing accounting).


8. Legal basis for processing personal data


SKL Group processes personal data based on the following legal grounds for processing personal data:


Customer's consent to the processing of Customer's personal data;

the conclusion and performance of a contract;

for the performance of SKL Group obligations under applicable laws and regulations;

Legitimate (legitimate) interests - for the pursuit of SKL Group's legitimate (legitimate) interests arising from a legal relationship or from laws and regulations.


9. Processing of data on the basis of consent


In certain cases, SKL Group also requires the Customer's separate consent to the processing of personal data (hereinafter - Consent). When requesting Consent, SKL Group shall explain the purpose of requesting Consent and provide information about the intended processing.


The Customer shall have the right not to provide the Consent or to withdraw the Consent at a later date by notifying SKL Group in writing or in a format that can be confirmed in writing. The Consent is valid until revoked.


On the basis of the consent, the data is processed, for example:


to prepare and send personalized offers to the Customer electronically (e.g. via email, SMS, or social media);

the preparation of personal offers may include marketing analysis of the Customer's usage preferences of services, online shops, etc., with the aim of ascertaining the Customer's usage needs and making personal offers based on them;

transfer of Personal Data to business partners to jointly or mutually offer services to the Customer;

To find out the Client's wishes, preferences, and needs and to develop new and better ways of using the services;

sending personalized content, offers, and advertisements to the Customer.

The Customer has the right at any time (regardless of whether the Customer provides consent to the processing of his Data) to prohibit the sending of offers to him, or otherwise the processing of Data on the basis of consent by e-mail, or by following the instructions in the message, or by any other electronic means offered by SKL Group.


Only the Customer himself has the right to withdraw the Consent.


10. SKL Group's legitimate interests


Within the scope of its legitimate interests, SKL Group processes Customer Personal Data for the following purposes, for example:


to carry out commercial activities in compliance with the requirements laid down in the regulatory enactments, including direct marketing;

to provide services;

administer billing;

to verify the Customer's identity;

Ensuring the performance of legal relations and contractual obligations;

retaining information collected in the course of business activities for a specified period of time;

design and development services;

ensuring and improving the quality of the service and the service process;

negotiating possible cooperation and drawing up/preparing and concluding a cooperation agreement;

monitoring and preventing illegal activities, including fraud;

apply to law enforcement authorities and courts for the protection of rights or interests violated or contested or protected by law;

provide SKL Group management, financial and business accounting, and analysis;

keep records.


11. Recipients of personal data


Customer's personal data may be transferred directly to authorized persons, and data processors:



12. Retention period of personal data


The Client's personal data will be stored for as long as it is necessary to achieve the respective purposes of the processing, in compliance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments, after which the Client's personal data will be deleted, unless the regulatory enactments provide for a longer data retention period.


13. Data subject's rights in the data processing process


The Client has the right to request access to, rectification, or erasure of his/her personal data, restriction of processing, as well as the right to object and the right to data portability.


14. Right to lodge a complaint


If the Customer has any objections, claims, or complaints in relation to the processing of their personal data, we encourage the Customer to first contact SKL Group In the event that the matter cannot be resolved, the Customer has the right to complain with the Data Inspectorate.


15. Automated decision-making


SKL Group does not use Customer Personal Data for automated decision-making.


We respect the privacy of our customers and do our best to keep Customers' Personal Data secure.